We offer a Stress-Free Process To Achieve Your Goals For Your Dream Kitchen

We keep you in the loop as your project unfolds into a perfect Kitchen!

13 Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Kitchen

Step 1
Choose Package

Choose one of the 3 packages on our website by clicking on the service page.

Step 2
Fill Details

Fill us in on all the details about the project you have in mind and the vision for your entire kitchen.

Step 3
Phone Consultation

We’ll contact you shortly after you submit your request or within the next day to have a conversation about what goal you have in mind for your kitchen.

Step 4
On-Site Consultation

We have an on-site consultation for a $500 fee. This includes coming over to the project site to inspect it and to see what we have to work with. The $500 will be deducted once the contract between Smith Empire Kitchens and a client will be signed.

Step 5
Signing The Contract

We discuss technical aspects of the kitchen project such as timeline, materials, and the design. When we’re on the same page, we go over the contract together to make sure you have all the information you need and are comfortable with every detail.

Step 6
Design Phase

We design your new kitchen according to your vision and use our advanced design software to show you exactly what the finished project will look like. We take pride in delivering the promise to our clients accordingly.

Step 7
Protect Your Home And The Site

We set up all our equipment and make sure that your house is kept safe before we start any construction work. We seal and protect any other areas that are not going to be under construction in order to keep the dust, dirt, and debris across the house to a minimum.  

Step 8
Pre-Work Walkthrough

Before starting the kitchen project, we’ll do a walkthrough of the site together to give you a clear idea of what the next steps are and what you should expect over the next couple of weeks as we transform your kitchen.

Step 9
We Get To Work

We work our magic and before you know it, your kitchen will be transformed, and you can get back to your now improved daily routine in your new kitchen.

Step 10
Our Cleaners Get To Work

Once our work is done, we have our professional cleaners come over and clean up the job site.

Step 11
Post-Work Walkthrough

We do a final walkthrough together to make sure we haven't missed anything. After we leave, you have 3 days to perform your own detailed inspection to see if everything is to your liking in your dream kitchen.

Step 12
2-Year Warranty

We offer a 2-year labor and systems warranty and you also benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty on materials. In the event that something happens that is within our control and included in the warranty and contract, we come in and get it fixed for you free-of-charge.

Step 13
6 Month Follow-Ups

We personally come to your house every 6 months for a 2 year period and make sure everything is still in good condition and to your liking.


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